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Finding ways to automate a warehouse with a new normal


Today’s warehouse looks a little bit different than just a few months ago. Many operations have slowed, while others work at full momentum, serving as essential businesses to our healthcare facilities. In tandem with these efforts, food manufacturing and e-commerce platforms working diligently to meet the continuous high-demands. It’s safe to say that this is our new normal, for right now.

This is why automating your warehouse could be the best first step toward our new normal.

Whether your business is manufacturing PPE equipment, picking orders to be shipped off to the many online shoppers, or simply, now, have the time to look at automating your processes. Let’s begin with the basics.

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Why Automate?

There are a variety of automation solutions for every warehouse functions and they all work together

Automation in your warehouse is best when you need materials to move through your warehouse quickly, and your order picking and fulfillment to be done efficiently. Facility automation delivers a comprehensive turnkey solution to do just that. Learn more here.


Robotics benefit your business and employees

Adding robots to your workforce can increase your productivity with pinpoint accuracy, and can operate 24/7 unattended. The robots can also take over tasks typically completed by humans, decreasing strain & fatigue, and allowing your workforce to complete more important tasks. Quick, efficient, and repetitive movements are what robots are made for. Click here to learn more.


What to do Next

Bring in an automation expert for a consultation — they can help you identify what could be done more efficiently, safer, and without human interaction in your everyday operations and processes. Schedule your onsite or virtual consultation today at no-cost. 



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Adding a conveyor system to automate your warehouse Robotics to perform picking and placing materials
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