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Vinyl Forklift Seats available from Wolter Group LLC make sanitizing equipment easier.


In a time where thorough and constant disinfecting is one of the largest tasks we face, it is important to factor in all aspects of your home, office space, production facility, warehouse, and anywhere with highly touched surfaces and continuous traffic.

Businesses that operate forklifts and other industrial equipment must also consider the operator’s compartment, various controls, buttons, grab handles, and anything else that is touched repeatedly throughout a shift.

Additionally, there is the forklift’s seat to consider – especially if it is made of cloth or other types of fabric. These types are unfortunately not as easy to disinfect, as a simple cleaning spray or wipe will not work.

Now is the time to consider switching to vinyl forklift seats as a more sanitary solution. 

As the way we clean and disinfect has likely changed for the better, it may be beneficial to consider vinyl forklift seats for your fleet as they can be wiped clean with ease after each operator’s shift.

Contact our parts department today to find replacement options for your fleet.