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Adding extra protection against harmful microbes on surfaces of storage devices. 

Antimicrobial Solutions Antimicrobial Solutions Antimicrobial Solutions Antimicrobial Solutions


Every day we are surrounded by potentially harmful microorganisms including bacteria and viruses like COVID-19. Surfaces like the handle on cabinets are touched by several employees throughout the day which creates a high-touch environment. These handles might only get cleaned once a week, once a month, or possibly never allowing harboring bacteria and viruses to spread. To avoid the spreading of viruses such as COVID-19 Lyon’s antimicrobial paint finish can provide an extra layer of protection against harmful microbes.


What Is Antimicrobial Technology

  • Silver Ion Antimicrobial Technology is a silver-based active ingredient that is incorporated into polymers, coatings, and more to offer continuous protection against bacterial growth.
  • Small uniquely shaped particles were designed to release silver ions that disrupt the metabolism of bacteria.


How Can Antimicrobial Technology Reduce the Risk of Spreading COVID-19

  • Researchers have found hospital-approved disinfectants can quickly reduce bacteria counts to safe levels. However, the bacteria rebounds and surfaces need to be re-disinfected every 120 minutes.
  • Using a built-in antimicrobial silver ion technology, or Lyon’s antimicrobial paint finish can provide a continual microbial reduction.


Take everyday precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 by using cabinets, shelving, carts, and lockers built with antimicrobial technology Contact us to learn more.


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