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Hit-Not Proximity Alert System

Hit-Not is a proximity alert device created to detect and prevent forklift operators and pedestrians from colliding in ports, warehouses or manufacturing facilities.

This patented technology is highly accurate detection device uses magnetic field technology to pass through walls, containers and racks. The audible and visual warning systems alert both the forklift operator and pedestrians walking through your facility.

Originally developed to save lives and reduce accidents in underground mining, Hit-Not is continuously improved to support the safety needs of the material handling industry.

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Hit-Not Proximity Alert System reduces warehouse and distribution center accidents with pedestrians and forklifts

How it Works

Your forklift fleet is equipped with an audible and visual alarm, as well as each pedestrian wearing a small personal alarm device. The device worn by pedestrians is roughly the size of a cell phone, worn around the neck on a lanyard, secured to a belt, and attached with Velcro or other various methods.

The system warns each individual only when they are dangerously close to a forklift within the facility. Safe zones can also be indicated in the system to avoid alarm sounding when pedestrians are within protected safe zones.

After a free site survey and we design a comprehensive solution for your facility, our service department can install the Hit-Not system on any make, model, or type of forklift. Download the Hit-Not Brochure.

The Benefits of Hit-Not Proximity Alert System

  • Protect pedestrians, equipment, and structures
  • Precise warning and danger zones specific to your facility
  • Improve safety awareness with visual and audio warning
  • Total facility solution to detect and protect
  • Reduce potential workers compensation claims
  • Scalable for facilities of any size, big or small

Protect & Detect in Action: The IMPERATOR company in France received a Workplace Safety Health Trophy at the Hauts-de-France Responsible Care® awards for the use of HIT-NOT pedestrian detection system.

How to Get Started

We offer pedestrian safety consults at no cost. Our team of safety experts in Indiana and Ohio are equipped and ready to answer all of your questions about Hit-Not Proximity Alert Systems.

After a site survey and comprehensive solution for your facility is designed, our service department can install the Hit-Not system on any make, model, or type of forklift.

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