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Kensar Equipment: The Used Equipment Specialists

Over 6 acres of used aerial lifts, lift trucks, carts, and more

Reuse - Recycle

Buying a used electric forklift--or other used equipment from Kensar--is the ultimate way to recycle! Just think of everything we’re reusing that doesn’t go to a landfill.

When you purchase a used electric forklift, for example, you’ll keep a large, industrial battery from being scrapped, which is a complex, government-regulated process. By reusing equipment with an I.C. engine, you’ll be putting hundreds of engine parts to work, instead of putting them into a smelter.

However, when Kensar finds parts or equipment we cannot use or refurbish, the recycling process continues to the next step. We recycle:

  • Industrial Batteries
  • Fluids (such as engine oil, transmission fluid and antifreeze)   used equipment is recycling
  • Tires and Hoses
  • Scrap Metal

13 Tons a Second: A Sobering Statistic

If you haven't thought much about reusing and recycling, here are some statistics that might really hit home.  An estimate of U.S. Industrial Waste Transportation and Disposal was published in 2016 by Triumvirate, a waste management firm:

  • Over 400 million tons of hazardous waste are thrown out each year—That’s over 13 tons every second!
  • What was their recommendation for the best way to reduce this waste? Avoidance.

By keeping used motive equipment working productively, a lot of industrial and hazardous materials avoid the landfill.  Buying used equipment for your warehouse, factory or farm just makes sense--for your budget and the environment.

When you purchase Kensar used equipment, both your company—and ours—help make a positive impact on the reduction of U.S. waste. You can put a used lift truck, a boom lift, a personnel carrier—or any of our affordable equipment--to work in your facility. Call the Owner-Experts at Kensar for personal assistance. We can help you find hard-working, used motive equipment for your specific application.

If you would like more in-depth information on the nationwide problem of waste management, here are several helpful sources:


Triumverate   This is a waste management business that helps handle waste issues in industrial and other business sectors.


Save On Energy   This website contains a U.S. locator map showing how much trash is reported in landfills near your home, office or plant.

*Disclaimer: Kensar Equipment may provide links on our website to various other websites for informational purposes only. We make neither endorsements nor recommendations for the companies or organizations found within links on our website.





Kensar has always had great equipment. I’ve ordered several times and I know I can trust them to deliver what they promise.

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