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Have you heard of Task Support Vehicles? The ideal solution to replace rolling ladders.

Although a TSV is not necessarily a new concept, a TSV is becoming a very popular piece of equipment because of the increased picking efficiency, and narrow aisle maneuverability. Replace rolling ladders with a TSV for a much safer solution for employees and to improve efficiency in your workplace.

A TSV is an electric unit that combines elevating work platforms, order pickers, and tuggers all into one unit. The operator is lifted up to 192 inches off the floor and can work in aisles under 7 feet. Maintenance Departments like this equipment as a means to safely work in areas of overhead building repairs and service intervals.

The unit makes extremely tight turns in narrow aisles due to a 180 degree articulating central front drive wheel. When the unit is elevated, the vehicle has automatic speed reduction and can carry a combined weight of up to 1,000 pounds.

A great TSV to consider is the J1 Joey from Big Joe. See it in action:

Although a traditional rolling ladder is much more inexpensive than a TSV, the user must continually go up and down the steps of a ladder to move to the next order picking position. This can cause employee fatigue, increase accidents, and minimize the efficiency of the pick by taking a much longer time for the employee to do their job. The TSV eliminates all of those steps and safety concerns.

By utilizing the TSV, companies increase picking speed, deliver orders much quicker, and save a significant amount of money.

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