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Find news on scissor lifts, forklifts, rental equipment and many other topics in the material handling equipment industry. For example, did you know that, for about half the cost of new, you can get a used lift truck with 80% of the usable life remaining?

If you need forklifts for the farm, find out how Kensar can offer numerous used pneumatic tire models, or help you adopt a Green strategy with a variety electric equipment.

You’ll find this and other important information in the articles below from Kensar Equipment, your Used and NEW Equipment Specialists. Learn about our new equipment lines from Kensar Equipment: New Aerial Lifts  and New Forklifts.

Could Warehouse Automation be your New Normal?

May 7, 2020

  Today’s warehouse looks a little bit different than just a few months ago. Many operations have slowed, while others work at full momentum, serving as essential businesses to our healthcare facilities. In tandem with these efforts, food manufacturing and e-commerce platforms working diligently to meet the continuous high-demands. It’s safe to say that this […]

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Vinyl Forklift Seats Make Disinfecting a Breeze

May 5, 2020

  In a time where thorough and constant disinfecting is one of the largest tasks we face, it is important to factor in all aspects of your home, office space, production facility, warehouse, and anywhere with highly touched surfaces and continuous traffic. Businesses that operate forklifts and other industrial equipment must also consider the operator’s […]

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Modular Protective Barriers to Block the Spread of Viruses

April 28, 2020

When common areas become crowded and make distancing a challenge for one another, ModTruss Common Area Barriers serve as a blockade to the spread of severe and highly contagious viruses. The protective barriers provide a highly effective layer of protection to all industries. The structures are also versatile and easy to build, making for a […]

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Purchase Equipment in 2020 Using Your Section 179 Tax Benefit

April 28, 2020

Tax Benefits on Equipment   Section 179 Allowance: Any new or used equipment purchased in 2020 can be deducted in full (up to a total of $1,040,000) in year 1 if the total amount of applicable assets purchased does not exceed $2,590,000. Once the $2,590,000 (cost) threshold is surpassed, the Section 179 allowable deduction ($1,040,000) […]

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Storage Solutions with the Power of Antimicrobial Technology

April 28, 2020

LYON ANTIMICROBIAL FINISH  Adding extra protection against harmful microbes on surfaces of storage devices.    Every day we are surrounded by potentially harmful microorganisms including bacteria and viruses like COVID-19. Surfaces like the handle on cabinets are touched by several employees throughout the day which creates a high-touch environment. These handles might only get cleaned […]

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Warehouse Automation to Support the Workforce Shortage

March 10, 2020

The rapid growth that many manufacturers are experiencing today, though a positive step, also has employers finding themselves challenged at supporting the growth from a workforce standpoint. This influx for businesses calls attention to the challenging yet inevitable crossroads that is today’s workforce shortage. Today’s shortage possesses a variety of reasons behind it, however, one […]

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Forklift Fork Inspections are Critical to Your Business

February 3, 2020

Your forklift forks are one of the most vital components to ensure maximum efficiency, load safety, and overall productivity. If your forklift forks present obvious damage, it is important that they are pulled from production and immediately addressed before being placed back into operation. Signs of wear and tear on your forks will include the […]

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Kensar Equipment Company Expands into Western Ohio and Northern Kentucky

November 1, 2019

Indianapolis, IN – On June 18, 2019, Kensar Equipment Company became a member of Wolter Group LLC. The acquisition provided infrastructure and support for aggressive growth, allowing the expansion of KION North America Linde and Baoli new product sales into Western Ohio and Northern Kentucky. Kensar Equipment is the authorized Linde, Baoli and Doosan lift […]

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Kensar Newest Doosan Forklift Dealer

August 9, 2019

Kensar Equipment has recently become the newest Doosan dealer for Central Indiana. Kensar provides the complete line of Doosan forklifts as well as Parts and Service.

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Kensar Equipment is Now Part of Wolter Group LLC

June 25, 2019

KENSAR GROWS!  At Kensar Equipment, we’re pleased to announce we have become a member of Wolter Group LLC.  This group includes material handling, engineered systems, automation, storage & handling, filing, fleet management, equipment leasing, and power systems sectors. The Wolter Group serves over 15,000 customers in Wisconsin, Upper Michigan, Illinois–and now, Indiana! The acquisition expands […]

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