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Just a few years ago, you’d never imagine that an industrial truck buyer would ask for specs, make a purchase decision, and then receive their industrial vehicle the same day.calendar Kensar Equipment in Indianapolis knows this is what customers expect today, and they have organized their company to provide this kind of quick response. You can attribute this to the material handling industry’s high expectations, or to the instantaneous nature of the internet. Or, it might be the need for businesses to be more competitive. It could also be due to the time-value of money. Most likely, it’s all of the above.

According to Ken Sarbaugh, response speed has become vital in the sale of used material handling equipment and other industrial trucks. “Forklift buyers want quick action, both in getting fork-liftinformation, then in getting their equipment delivered,” Sarbaugh says. “When people call after they see lift trucks or aerial lifts on our website, we send specifications right away—and we can often deliver equipment in the Indianapolis area on the same day.”

Distance is always a factor in delivery, of course, but Kensar notes that it ships equipment around the country quickly and affordably.  Kensar Equipment has six acres of used lift trucks, walkie stackers, boom lifts, used scissor lifts, personnel aerial-liftcarriers and more at their Indianapolis location just off I-465. Through their website,, the company serves both retail and wholesale customers around the U.S. Ken Sarbaugh and Mitch Wallace, the two owner-operators, make it a point to personally assist customers with their materials handling needs.

Kensar Equipment also provides forklift and aerial lift rentals and service around Indianapolis. Their 45,000 sq. ft. facility is located at 2415 W. Thompson Rd., Indianapolis, IN, 46217. The company can be reached by phone at: 317-787-3400, or by e-mail at: