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Common Area Barriers from Modtruss, available from Kensar Equipment Company

When common areas become crowded and make distancing a challenge for one another, ModTruss Common Area Barriers serve as a blockade to the spread of severe and highly contagious viruses.

The protective barriers provide a highly effective layer of protection to all industries. The structures are also versatile and easy to build, making for a quick fix in any situation.

Processing Line Barriers for Industrial Applications 

When production is in full swing, processing line barriers help to place distance between your employees when distancing is a challenge.

Who can Benefit?

  • Manufacturing and production facilities
  • Food processing facilities
  • Meatpacking Plants
  • & more


  • Transparent barriers reduce contact and maintain visibility
  • Fully customizable to your operations and easy to sanitize


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Protective Barriers for Healthcare, Municipalities & Retail

The protective barrier structures can separate crowded waiting rooms and seating areas when they are most busy.


Who can benefit?

  • Colleges & Universities – Student and Medical Health Centers
  • Healthcare Facilities – Hospitals, Walk-in Clinics, Urgent Care, Testing Facilities, Nursing Homes, Pharmacies
  • Retail Checkout Stations – Grocery Stores
  • Airport Terminals
  • & more



  • Sizes can be modified with simple tools
  • 15-minute build time; no tools required, making it set up and take down simple
  • Fire retardant easy-clean surfaces to remove contaminants


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ModTruss Room Partitions for Healthcare ModTruss Room Partitions for office and waiting rooms ModTruss Room Partitions for retail and grocery stores