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Safety Technology to Prevent Forklift & Pedestrian Collisions

Keeping your employees and work environment safe should be the first priority when it comes to your business operations.

As a leader in the forklift and material handling equipment industry, we take safety very seriously. This is why we offer a variety of safety solutions to your warehouse, distribution center, or manufacturing facility.

Whether you’ve already encountered a forklift accident in your facility or are simply looking to prevent, one such solution is Hit-Not – a proximity detection system that helps eliminate collision involving forklifts and pedestrians within the workplace. The Hit-Not system can see you, even when you and the forklift operator cannot see you. It warns both pedestrians and drivers of the equipment’s presence.


How it Works

Hit-Not is based on low-frequency magnetic fields – technology that allows the system’s detection system to pass through most walls and structures. The Hit-Not system is more precise than other available systems in the market, which is indicated by an LED light and audible sounder for the pedestrian and forklift operator simultaneously.

The defined warning zones or danger zones for a vehicle will retain their shape even when the field of view is obstructed. Hit-Not can also be used to automate gates, doors, barriers, and warning lights. Essentially, anything with a switch can be triggered.

This highly accurate detection device uses audible and visual warning systems to alert both the forklift operator and pedestrians walking through your facility. Both parties are alerted of each other’s presence when in close proximity to one another.


The Device Itself

Your entire forklift fleet is equipped with an audible and visual alarm, as well as each pedestrian wearing a small personal alarm device about the size of a cell phone. The device is worn around the neck on a lanyard, secured to a belt, and attached with Velcro or other various methods.

The system warns each individual only when that they are dangerously close to a forklift in a warehouse, distribution, or manufacturing environment. Safe zones can also be indicated in the system to avoid alarms sounding when pedestrians are within protected safe zones.

If you are looking for a way to enhance safety for your employees and preventing worker compensation claims, Hit-Not is the solution for you. 


Installation? It’s Quick & Easy!

Our service department can install the Hit-Not system on any make, model, or type of forklift.


Looking to Get Started?

We offer pedestrian safety consults at no cost. Our team of safety experts is equipped and ready to answer all of your questions. Contact us today to schedule your consult; Available over the phone or at your facility.

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