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Protect Your Equipment and Operators 

Forklift Fork Inspections help maintain equipment loadsafety and efficiency.Utilize regular forklift fork inspections to protect the safety and efficiency of your equipment. Your forklift forks are one of the most vital components to ensure load safety, and overall productivity.

If your forklift forks present obvious damage, it is important that they are pulled from production and immediately addressed before being placed back into operation.


Signs of wear and tear on your forks will include the following:

  • Surface cracks
  • Blade or shank is crooked
  • The difference in height of fork tips
  • Positioning lock not in working order
  • Fork blade or shank wear
  • Damage to the fork hooks
  • Unable to read fork marking


Frequent and continuous forklift fork inspections are important to the overall operations, safety, and compliance of your business. Just a 10% reduction in blade thickness can cause a 20% loss in capacity and safety risks to your employees.

Schedule a forklift fork inspection today with one of our certified technicians to detect wear on your forks, or other front-end attachments to prevent potential accidents.

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