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Various types and brands of used lift equipment for sale

Kensar Equipment: The Used Equipment Specialists

Over 6 acres of used aerial lifts, lift trucks, and more

Finance / Lease

Short-term and long-term leases are available. Financing is also available. Please contact Kensar Equipment for current rates:

Melissa Rathsman:  888-272-0601    e-mail:  melissarathsman@kensar.com

Why Lease?

Need a forklift lease? Leasing on our other used equipment? Here are some of the benefits:

  • You'll have lower monthly payments
  • There’s often no or a low down payment, depending on the source selected
  • You could get a better equipment than you might otherwise have purchased

Financing Your Purchase

Kensar Equipment can also assist you with financing resources who are familiar with the heavy equipment industry. You can choose from options that help you tailor a financing program to your company’s needs. And you can choose from the hundreds of industrial vehicles we have in stock, or we’ll find what you need from our nationwide resources.

An Equipment Business Driven by People

Yes, we provide great, used equipment! But Kensar is also in the business of helping you and your business. Just a call or an e-mail will get you prompt, personal attention from Kensar Owner-Experts and the other knowledgeable people on our staff. Unlike a lot of internet-only companies, we support our easy-to-use website with prompt customer service from material handling experts.

If you’d like to test drive equipment, schedule a visit to our Indianapolis facility and meet our staff. At Kensar, our goal is to develop a long-term, personal working relationship that benefits your company.



Thanks for the great forklift and all of your help.

Royster ClarkKokomo, IN