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4 Benefits of a Doosan-ODB Wet Disc Braking System

Having forklifts equipped with wet disc brakes keeps coming up more and more in the material handling industry. So, what does this mean? It means a better braking system.

Purchasing a forklift with wet disc brakes or oil-cooled disc brakes is a logical choice if you are looking to save time and money. With only periodic oil changes, the completely sealed brake system requires zero maintenance or adjustments. Learn the benefits of Doosan’s wet disc braking system:

  1. Sealed System

The Doosan ODB system is completely enclosed and sealed from outside contaminants protecting the inner workings of the brake system.

  1. Heat Resistant

Extreme heat and high humidity will not affect the Doosan ODB system. The heat generated during braking is transferred from the discs and plates directly to the transmission/differential oil.

  1. Braking Surface

With 500 square inches of braking surface, the Doosan ODB-equipped forklift has 5 times the stopping surface of conventional shoe brakes.

  1. Maintenance-free

With a Doosan ODB system, there is never any required brake adjustment or spring or linkage replacement, EVER. Brake jobs are history with only periodic oil change required.

With Doosan’s oil-cooled disc brake system you can avoid the frustrations from costly brake service and maintenance. Contact us today for a quote! Contact us today to learn more about the specialized brake system by Doosan forklifts.

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