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Good Used Forklifts from Kensar do Heavy Lifting on the Farm

ProBox® Seed Containers another Reason for Forklifts on the Farm

By Ken Sarbaugh, President, Kensar Equipment

The lift truck has been a helpful piece of equipment for many farmers for years. Good used Forklifts are even  more necessary now that bulk seeds for larger farming operations are frequently packaged in plastic ProBoxes®. For example, each ProBox is equivalent to 50 bags of soybean seed and weighs approximately 2,700 lbs. Only a forklift can manage this kind of load.

Just think how productive you can be with a used forklift from Kensar, especially when the planting season is such a critical and narrow window of time. Then, think of how much you can reduce the wear and tear on your body— no more lifting all those heavy bags of seed. You’ll also save on storage space with these sturdy, stackable bins, easily handled with your lift truck from Kensar Equipment.

What type of forklift will you need for the ProBox and for other uses? First of all, Kensar Equipment offers good used forklifts that are affordable. Did you know that for about half the cost of a new forklift, a used lift truck can give you 80% of the usable life?cat-pd4000-forklift

Secondly, you’ll need a pneumatic-tire truck in your choice of Diesel, LP or Dual Fuel.  Many of the seed pallets are 54” long requiring 48” forks, so between the fork length and the weight of the pallets, we suggest at least a 4,000 lb. capacity truck at the very least.  However, 5,000 lb. capacity lift trucks are common, so this would give you the most flexibility for the many different jobs you’ll have for a lift truck on the farm.

What other typical jobs will you have for a forklift around the farm?

  • Lifting, carrying and stacking hay bales and bay barrels. Did you know hay barrels can weigh up to 2,000 lbs?Pumkin truck retouch
  • Lifting and moving farm equipment, heavy tools and fencing
  • Moving animal feed
  • Moving pallets of produce— it’s not uncommon for a single pallet of fruit to weigh around 1,800 lbs.
  • Construction projects around the farm

Once you have a forklift on your farm, you’ll be surprised how many other uses you’ll find for it in your daily operations. Some of our most popular models for farmers are Cat and Toyota 5,000 lb. IC pneumatic forklifts, but we have many other popular brands in stock, as well.

Kensar Equipment is in Indianapolis with over 6 acres and $1.5 million worth of inventory on hand.  Located in the Midwest in the heart of farm country, we know what equipment farmers are lookingMinkus Farms cropped.retouch for and we’re sure to find what you need at a price you can afford. We also offer reasonably-priced shipping anywhere in the U.S.

In addition to good used forklifts, Kensar Equipment can provide you with used and rental aerial lift equipment, rough terrain forklifts, golf carts and other kinds of equipment at If you don’t see what you need, call me and I’ll find it from our network of sources available nationwide.

You’ll always get personalized service from our owner-experts. Feel free to call me, Ken Sarbaugh, at 888-272-0601, or e-mail me any time.